DDT - Daily De-Tox

Friends tell you the truth. Sometimes this truth is a bit bitter but that's why they are friends. The texts themselves are meant to make the ego lose some ground: let it go! Do it... NOW!
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Day 202

P. procrastination

"Reader! I know you have more time tomorrow than now to call your friend. I know, that you can squeeze it in better next Thursday to do the laundry. Sure you have to rest sometime. And definitely there is more time to skate at the weekend. But don't you get the feeling sometimes that you are putting things off? Especially things you don't like to think of? Not to speak of all the energy you need to carry this bag of unfinished tasks around, including all the reasoning you gave it to convince yourself its unimportant or so. And all the bad feelings you get from knowing its probably important anyway. Well, how about taking a sharp look into the bag and sorting out what is really important to you? And then do just that? And after this hard business, relax . . . and let go . . "

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