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Thu, September 18th 2008 - New News!

After quite a stretch I decided to continue the News section and provide just updates of new projects or any progress in ongoing endeavours from time to time. While I was looking through some of the old news I realized that I had started kind of a blog before there were actually blogs!

So here is the real blog.

While you are at it you may also check out my new MySpace site which you find here.

Tell me what you think! Cheerio,


Thu, September 25th 2003 - News about News!

Over the last few months I found out that the weekly rhythm to write the news was kind of too restricting for me. So from now on I write news according to incoming ideas + the free time to put them on the web. Suits me more. If you liked them in the past, check back from time to time!

Enjoy September


Fri, September 12th 2003 - Are Your Talented?

After posing so many questions in the last news I thought this would be easy: writing about 'talent' and giving some links to complement the words. Alas, what I find on the web is something like 'The war on talent', 'Talent research for business', modelling agencies etc. Nobody even tries to describe what 'talent' really is, everybody seems to know.

The problem I have with this is that I believe that everybody has not only one but multiple talents. Obviously the detection and development of such is not very interesting for todayīs political and economical systems.Control and the immediate exploitation, mostly for business reasons, lead the way. Whatīs wrong about it is that this is not a very human approach: talent which has to follow the current 'zeitgeist', economical streams or scientific and artistic dogma is by nature limited. Which is why many talents go completely undetected and un- or underdeveloped. Given that this has something crucial to do with the fulfillment of individuals who contribute love to the whole if they love what they do, the world's current confusion doesnīt come as a surprise. If creativity -in whatever talented form it might surface - is at least misguided and at worst completely surpressed, if people function instead of developing their full value, aggressivity and violence must follow.

On the other hand, creativity is - together with consciousness - one of the two basic elements of being a human being and being human. Since collective suicide is not really an option, I guess creativity will soon explode, and with it all the talents will find their way in a constructive way. No links today. You got any?



Wed, September 3rd 2003 - Questions

So what were human beings designed to be? Maybe we are just perfect learning systems? Maybe we are beings full of joy, enthusiasm and playful creativity whose depth is founded in the infinite substance of where we come from? How would we find out? How did we ever find out anything? It looks that asking questions wouldnīt be a bad way.

What keeps us from asking the right questions? What are those 'right' questions anyway? Depends on what you are looking for. Depends on the passion you are searching with. Depends on the perseverance to not accept unsatisfying answers or worn out habits and liveless traditions.My idea for the first question would be: What is the right question (right now for me)?

Here are some questions to start with. Would there ever have been any progress without someone having asked questions? And what are 'good' questions?

What is YOUR question? Write it down, relax while keeping it in mind and let the answer surprise you! Questions are very powerful.

Last week the writer of these lines was on holiday. They are over, I am back.Cheers


Mon, August 25th 2003 - Back to the right direction

After some time without new additions to the Instant Compositions section (we all deserve a brief summer break), Mycle is back with Red Arrow. Just go and download it, as usual.


Thu, August 21st 2003 - More Creativity You Can Take?

As if we didnīt know it already: there is always more! For example, more creativity. Did you know that there is a whole scene of people more or less at the fringe of what is mainstreamingly considered "art" building their instruments themselves? Sure they are playing them also.

Start to look at the page ofmy friend Ferdinand Foerschīs 'Klanghaus'. Then continue looking at 'Experimental Musical Instruments', a seemingly endless source of amazingly strange inventions that create all kinds of stunning sounds. And donīt forget their links page.

Well, you might want to know if there is anybody recording and publishing those sound wonders? Of course, for example Elipsis Arts.

CU next week.


Wed, August 13th 2003 - Relaxing In The Heat

For some people, cool drinks and fresh breezes are not enough to get through the heat. They still want activity! Here are two things to do, one needs you to be more active than the other.

Anybody who wanted to be an artist and never dared to get involved? Here is your mini-course called "What, me an artist?"Actually, itīs not so superficial as it may sound. So get your cool drink and start to read . . . and do!

The second idea leads you more to something like a 'altered' state if you let it happen: itīs just reading, but itīs the writing of Chuang Tse, usually called the most important Taoist after Lao Tse (remember the butterfly dream? thatīs him!) Heīll give you a good time with his sometimes sharp philosophical, sometimes anarchic stories. More reading is here.So here you are, thatīs enough for this week!

Happy sweating!


Wed, August 6th 2003 - Silence

Even amidst those hot summer days you might feel inclined more to silence than to the distractive consumerism - the contemporary version of slavery - that surrounds you. Maybe youīd like to dig into it and practice some meditation. Or find out what it is.Or search 'randomly' for an appropriate technique. Just put a good ventilator into the room and do it. An maybe you want to envite a friend to share an immense nothing!

In case you are more the study and reading type, hereīs a site with lots of info and interviews about loosing your mind and winning it all.

Maybe all this is not for you. How about immersing yourself into the action of sitting and reading(which is what you are doing right now,right?)? And feel any pressure in your buttocks and spine and anywhere else and gently but determinedly let go of that pressure? And just continue doing so for the rest of the day?

Enjoy a silent week,


Thu, July 31st 2003 - Life Management?

Today we are bombarded with methods and systems to manage anything you face. From 'time' management - although we donīt exactly know what time really is - there was only a small step to differentiate 'quality' time from probably less valuable time. How about 'anger' management? Instead of facing the real issues and dissolve them -which is a probably unfitting way in terms of 'time' management - we 'manage' them.

It seems that there is a terrible fear behind all the managing: the fear of letting go , or giving up control. Control about something that is surely bigger then any individual effort, including controlling. Can life be 'managed'? Could the addict hope to free himself through 'managing' his addiction? No way that he could.

Maybe thatīs what all this is about: for the fearful, control is king (and that means their own Ego), for the few who want to be free it's all about letting go. Is anybody out there who passionately wants to be free (of his accumulated Ego addictions)? Where? Who?

A different and recurring issue is that one of abundance and money or the issue of manifesting everything you want in your life. What are the obstacles? How can they be transformed so that blocked energy starts flowing and works FOR you ? Here are two people who investigate this way: one is Stuart Lichtman, the other one is Rebecca Fine. Worth reading for the interested! (Donīt get repelled by the website title,though).

A last word to the punctuality of me writing these weekly news: the last two weeks were quite a mess in that respect and I promise to better myself!

Enjoy the summer and your life!


Wed, July 16th 2003 - One Year of DDTs!

To write something fresh for about 365 days - one year - is not as easy as it sounds. Now the first year of DailyDeTox (DDT) is over. It depends a bit on your comments, questions and reactions what happens next, the most likely being an archive where you might be able to randomly pick your daily DDT. Maybe we invent something else for daily inspiration . . .

Still there are the bi-weekly Instant Compositions to have something changing on a regular basis. And for people in Barcelona: see the above concert alert!

By the way, did you ever try to loose your head and it didnīt work? Try this!

Relax and breathe out . . . at least today. Or, letīs say, this week,yes?


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